Persistent selection for practical profit-making traits in any type of business leads to efficiency and success. 

These are the things upon which McPhee Red Angus has built its good reputation and top quality herd since 1970. While love for the livestock goes back several generations in the McPhee family, Roy first became involved in registered Angus cattle in 1943.  This is the year he bought his first Aberdeen Angus and joined the American Angus Association. Over many years in the commercial cattle and feedlot feeding business, Roy decided to go into the purebred Red Angus business after buying his first Red Angus bull. It was then that he realized here was the only breed at that time to require performance information as a prerequisite to register your cattle in the association. As an agriculture banker, Roy had seen many registered programs start, sputter, stop, and sell as a result of lack of commitment and a goal to make their operation a success.

Our Mission

Our commitments from the start of our registered Red Angus herd have been to:

  • Operate as a family-owned business where we raise and market our own cattle.

  • Use the best available registered Red Angus bulls through AI and natural service.

  • Handle and feed cattle the same way as a good profit-minded commercial cattleman would.

  • Select for low maintenance type cattle that do it on their own.

We have consistently selected females that wean good calves without creep feeding and continue to raise a profitable calf every year. About 80 percent calve in the early fall, August-September, and the remaining 20 percent calve in the spring, February-March. We raise nearly all 100% 1A Red Angus cattle and have consistently for many years been in the top 10 percent for herd size in the nation. Throughout the year we offer at private treaty bulls and females for sale